Digital Marketing – Twitter Vs Google

In the May 2009, many digital marketing professionals thought that Twitter would end Google’s reign. However, a year later in 2010, Google ended such speculation by announcing that it had partnered with Twitter to include real-time tweets in its search results. Initially, it was believed that unless Twitter developed a system for cleaning up spam on its network, it could not possibly threaten Google. This was because the main USP of the Google is its ability to deliver relevant, high quality results for different search terms. Though these results were not completely spam-free, they were much better than the results provided by other search engines.According to a Internet marketing article published in 2010 by Technology Review, Google equates a user following another user on a social networking website, to one web page adding a link to another on the Internet. Just as the value of a page increases when a highly-ranked page links to it, the quality of a user goes up if a more established user begins following him. Does this mean that getting more Twitter followers is the same as the common digital marketing strategy of collecting more incoming links?No, not quite. Collecting followers on Twitter is one of the easiest things to spam. There are many tools out there that will follow users, based on specified digital marketing keywords. Most users, who are followed on Twitter, will usually return to the favour by following the follower. Once a digital marketing brand gets a ton of followers using such a tool, it is quite simple to unfollow a majority of these users with applications like ManageTwitter. Additionally, the brands could also get profile names which include a targeted digital marketing keyword, and also create other profiles having that same keyword.The only way for Google to beat this is to modify their search engine algorithm to weed out profiles that do reciprocal social media following, similar to reciprocal link building. Another related issue is the importance of social search. Digital marketing pundits are always saying that people are more likely to trust the advice given by their friends, rather than Google’s search results. Theoretically, this may be true, but in the actual practice, it is not so. In fact, most users begin to follow others simply because of a single smart tweet. They do not really know the person they are following or value their opinion.

Make Extra Money at Home – Online Business Tips

I find it interesting that when doing a little research about how to make extra money at home that two basic trains of thought emerge. The first train of thought I think is valuable but in my opinion does not really have anything at all to do with making money, earning extra cash or really building any type of home based or online business. I am referring to the idea of saving or following some type of moneysaver tips, or moneysaving system. I feel that saving money is important, but I would like to focus the bulk of this article on the second train of thought which discusses making extra money from home, online from the internet. These days there are many types of online businesses that can be started.Three of the biggest problems in getting started online are:Just trying to narrow down what type of business to start.
Assembling all the tools necessary to put the business to work online.
Figuring out how to use the tools and what the most efficient methods are for getting the business going and then maintaining that momentum.I would like to suggest that one strategy for determining what type of business will be successful online is to pick something that interests you and then do a little research on the Internet to see what sites and businesses you would be competing against.Hint: One of the biggest unhidden secrets of the Internet is that it is based on Words. In order to find what you are looking for you type in the name of a search engine, and then you type in the key words you want to get more information about. The search engine uses those words to retrieve web pages that have those particular words on them.Once you decide on the type of business you would like to start then you will need to decide what type of technology tools to use in order to put your business online. You will most likely utilize some mixture of blogs, email, website, video and other tools in order to get your business set up to start making money. There are actually so many tools and services available online that it can be very confusing to determine which need to be employed and which ones are merely designed to separate you from your money rather than to help put more earned cash in your pocket. At least when starting out it can be very helpful to start out with an established online business that provides training, mentorship and a team of people that can help answer questions about getting started, make suggestions about which tools to use and provide training on the best ways to get started making money online.It seems as though the steps to success in online business never end, but with a good company that provides training and mentorship, over time with consistent effort you can begin to build a business and will eventually start to earn money from it. If the business is set up correctly and you follow a proven system the work you put in now will start to have a collective effect. In other words if you start out right, then you will make less mistakes, and the work that you do even in the beginning will pay off and continue to build in extra money down the road because of the cumulative effects of building online businesses. This short article does not permit me to delve into all the steps required for creating an online business one critical step I would like to mention is that of Marketing. With all the tools that you put together and all the great products you want to sell, your new business will never sell anything if you do not have customers that can find your store.Hint: When starting an online business, a proven system will help. Try to select a system or company that will help you and teach you how to market your new business so that you will be able to draw customers in. Starting a new money making business online can be daunting, but if you do a little research and determine the type of business you want to start, figure out what tools will be necessary to assemble the business and partner with a company that has a proven system and provides training, mentorship and a team of people to help it can drastically reduce the learning curve.To make extra money at home does not have to be difficult if you get with a good system, put in consistent effort and patiently build your business step by step.

Las Vegas Real Estate Financing-A Quick Overview

Whether you’re thinking of moving to Vegas with your family or considering investing in some commercial property there are plenty of companies specializing in Las Vegas real estate financing that can help – Here’s a quick overview.Who and where you get financing will depend on what type of housing you are looking at. Single family dwellings, condos, and townhomes all qualify for different types of financing.There are financial institutes that specialize in the residential Las Vegas real estate financing needs. Down payments, interest rates, and terms all depend on a number of factors. Besides traditional mortgages there are other types of Las Vegas real estate financing available that have relaxed down payments, relaxed terms, and even relaxed credit requirements.Besides the residential market there are investments in commercial properties and once again there are Las Vegas real estate financing options that aren’t always traditional.One of the reasons that Las Vegas real estate financing has more flexibility is that there is an unwritten understanding that income can come from a variety of sources and not all income may be reported on the tax form. Right or wrong it isn’t up to the company’s that have Las Vegas real estate financing on their minds to decide. They just want to lend money and make money.And there is some great news for anyone that has had some credit troubles in the past and thus considered a higher risk. You will have no problem obtaining financing through one of the many Las Vegas real estate financing conglomerates. They’ll simply charge you a higher rate of interest, give you less flexibility on defaulting, and be happy to take the property back if you miss a payment. And you too can earn a piece of Las Vegas.When it comes to Las Vegas real estate financing these institutes are also happy to base their loan to you on your declared income. There is no need to provide a pay stub or proof of employment. That means that if you want to own a home in the Vegas area there’s a very good chance that you can using a Las Vegas real estate financing institute.Now if you are about to play with the big boys down on the strip and invest in some commercial properly your Las Vegas real estate financing agent is going to come from a different deck of cards. Generally speaking those that deal in Las Vegas real estate financing for residential purposes don’t play in commercial.Commercial loans require different down payments, different collateral, and different requirements to obtain the loan. Each circumstance is different so you’ll need to make an appointment with a an agent that deals with Las Vegas real estate financing on the commercial end to see what they can do for you.A quick search online will reveal many many Las Vegas real estate financing experts that can help you obtain the funds you need to close that deal. So what are you waiting for?Copyright © 2007 Joel Teo. All rights reserved. (You may publish this article in its entirety with the following author’s information with live links only.)